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Beacon Academy provides an inclusive and challenging Christian education for children

PreK-12.  We are members of Adventist Services and Industries (ASI) a lay-operated,

supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church near Collegedale, TN. Our

school is also nationally accredited through NCPSA and ISEI.


Beacon Academy supports students through experiential learning and project-based

assessments. We provide supplemental resources for home school families, transitional

support for students learning the English language, and relevant and meaningful instruction

for students needing an alternate presentation of mainstream educational culture. Our

approach is particularly beneficial to students who are gifted, dyslexic or have ADD/ADHD.


Statement of School Mission 

To empower students who have learning differences to develop the skills and values necessary for success in our global community.


School Statement of Vision

Is to be a local lay-operated self-supporting ministry of the SDA church meeting the needs of those with learning differences.

In addition, Beacon Academy desires to support families by valuing the quality time that children are able to spend together. 

Compatible with the philosophy of Beacon Academy, emphasis is placed on the spiritual, academic, physical, and social development of each student. Students will be helped to reach the following objectives:

 •   Emphasis on the developmental needs of the child, social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual, balanced with academic achievement

•   A physically and emotionally safe environment where respect and responsibility are modeled and reinforced

•   Daily participation in a stable and supportive classroom community

•   Multi-age grouping with peer and cross-age tutoring

•   Large blocks of uninterrupted, in-depth learning time

•   Clear expectations, time frames, and consequences

•   Student-Parent-Teacher goal-setting and review

•   Focus on teaching personal learning styles, communication skills, and organizational strategies combined with academic areas

•   Interdisciplinary learning themes

•   Mastery-based learning of academic areas

•   Frequent involvement in school and community service projects

•   8th Grade Class Trip

•   Individualized adaptations of curriculum as needed

•   Multi-Cultural awareness program

•   Physical fitness and health education program



EANS Funding awarded $99,000 to provide curriculum, technology and cleaning supplies to offset the impact of Covid.

Enrollment remains steady at 50 students PreK-12th grade. (Aug ’21)

High school continues distance learning due to lack of classroom space (Aug '21)

Added 1 student teacher to help in grades 1-8 (Aug '21)

Took 7 students to Paducah and Bowling Green, KY to help with tornado relief (Dec '21)


Enrollment down a bit to 50 students Pre K-12th grade due to Covid-19 (Aug '20)

High school continues distance learning due to lack of classroom space (Aug '20)

1st High School Graduate (May '21)

Awarded $16,000 by Bachman Foundation (Summer '21)


Increased enrollment to 68 students PreK-11th grade. (Aug ’19)

Added 3 additional teachers to teach middle school and high school (Aug ‘19)

Sent 5 additional students to obtain CERT certification (Sept ‘19)

Awarded $7,000 by Bachman Foundation (Oct, '19)

Due to Covid-19 we went virtual after Spring Break for the remainder of the school year. (Mar '20)


Maintained a steady enrollment of 66 students PreK-10 for 2018-2019 school year.  (Aug ‘18-May ’19)

Took a group of middle school and high school students to assist 2SERVE ministry in responding to Hurricane Michael in FL (Oct ‘18)

Increased the exposure for Beacon String Ensemble to playing in more area churches, nursing homes, and community events (‘18/’19)

Added a band program (Aug ‘18)

Sent a group of middle school and high school students to the Tennessee State   

Service Learning and Volunteerism Conference. (Feb ‘19)

Awarded the TN Volunteer State Seal of Approval for outstanding commitment to 

service learning, volunteerism, and community service (Feb ‘19)

Hosted students from SAU who completed 150hrs of volunteer service in a variety   

of capacities between both Beacon campuses. (‘18/’19)


Added a  Primary Montessori program for 3-6 year olds. (Jun ’17)

Participated in a Southern Union Community Emergency Response Training where 10 students earned FEMA Basic CERT certification. (Feb ’18)

Participated in the Bright Spark Design Competition and received two awards: Best Overall for High School and Peoples Choice. (Mar ’18)

Ending enrollment is 50 students in grades PreK-grade 10, 9 teachers. (May ‘18)

Purchased new property with 8,500 square feet and 4 ½ acres to accommodate growth. (May ‘18)

Offered a summer camp that hosted approximately 50 children ages 5-14 for 8 weeks. (Summer ‘18)


Enrolled 18 students in grades 1-9 and 6 teachers. (Aug ’16)

Moved from Glynn Downing, Collegedale to Knowles Creek Trail, Ooltewah (Oct ’16)

Hosted a student teacher from Ouachita Hills College for one semester (Jan ‘17)

Obtained approval for SEVIS from Homeland Security to issue I-20’s. (Mar ’17)

Ended the year with 33 students enrolled and 6 teachers. (May ‘16)


Established school with 6 students and 3 teachers.  (Aug ‘15)

Earned national accreditation by NCPSA and EASEA. (Feb ’16)

Obtained 501c3 nonprofit status. (Apr ’16)

Ended the year with 12 students enrolled and 5 teachers. (May ‘16)

Call us at 423.615.9753

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